Power & Energy

Power & Energy

Reliable flow management solutions for severe service environments

Some of the most challenging valve applications are found within Power Generation Plants where product characteristics are getting more sever as a consequence of changing technology, increased emissions standards and improved efficiency.

Clorius Controls is a key partner in designing top-quality flow management solutions, recognized for our know-how in the power generation industry as well as for reliability and safety of our solutions.

Pioneering technology since 1902

Continuous advancement and emphasis on product and process improvements has resulted in a product range of premium quality and utmost reliability whilst delivering enduring value for power and industrial clients. We offer flexibility in engineering, materials and construction while utilizing our know-how and century-long experience to help you achieve peak performance.

A dedicated partner supports you every step of the way

By having deep insights into the many facets of power production, Clorius is able to deliver critical system solutions to meet the tasking requirements set by operators and contractors.
Our mission is to simplify things for our clients with our network of industry-leading knowledge, expertise and technical resources.

Our flow management solutions work together to maximize your efficiency while helping you reduce maintenance issues, prevent outages and decrease downtime.

Our customers, spanning from conventional to nuclear power depend on us for a powerful combination of fast and reliable service and partner commitment. Our customers benefit from our committed network of engineering experts who share viewpoints regarding engineering standards, innovation and development, technology, environment and quality. 

How we support you

As a leading flow management provider, Clorius’ draws upon unparalleled technical experience which enables us to offer our customers a range of service options dedicated to optimizing equipment and processes.

The starting point is understanding your requirements in order for us to provide you with the most suitable flow control solution. By examining your current set-up, how it works and why it fails, we look for inadequacies and how we can improve on all of them. We can address your performance issues by providing practical solutions which improve the functionality and longevity of your system and processing.

Our experienced and skilled team is able to support your venture, whether you are initiating a new project, require repairs or are contemplating replacing and upgrading your valves. Clorius offers innovative tailor-made solutions which improve safety and efficiency, and can source the necessary products to support your unique needs.

Clorius Controls’ assortment of high-end flow management solutions has been designed with precision and longevity in mind, aided by our pneumatic and electric systems, our equipment controls everything from cooling water cycles to steam boilers.

Clorius’ meticulously designed flow control solution ensures most favorable use of your equipment while being the best fit for your severe service application.

Case study

Conclusive valve solution for ThyssenKrupp's gas power plant



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