Marine & Power solutions with Clorius Controls valves

Marine & Power

Marine & Power

Clorius Controls is a leading manufacturer of valves, thermostats, actuators, pressure difference regulators and comprehensive control solutions supporting various marine and industrial applications.

Aside from our exhaustive assortment of control valves and actuators, we provide tailored solutions, including electric, pneumatic, self-acting and internally sensed control systems to meet the specific requirements set by the customers. 

Clorius’ products are designed to meet the tasking requirements of our clients. Our products, constructed with premium materials ensure longer life cycle, minimal maintenance and lower cost of ownership. 

Industrial segments

Marine & Offshore

Clorius Controls specializes in the development and production of marine equipment for monitoring, controlling and regulating heating, cooling and ventilation

Engine Builders

Clorius Controls provides energy and cost efficient control solutions that improve performance, maximise uptime and reduce your total cost of ownership.

Power & Energy

Clorius has unique expertise in the designing and manufacturing of a complete range of flow control products from valves to actuators and controls.

Clorius Controls has developed a sizing software for Clorius valves, thermostats and valve motors based on IEC 534-2 and 534-2-2. 

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