BROEN A/S is an international company with a market leading position within Building Installations.


BROEN A/S develops, manufactures and supplies solutions for heating and cooling, for HVAC installations as well as for the gas sector.


BROEN A/S supplies products for the optimum utilization of resources and energy savings and is an eco-conscious company living by the below rules:


  • BROEN A/S observes and meet the requirements and stipulations of legislation and standards within the environmental area.
  • BROEN A/S cooperates with authorities on environmental issues and communicate openly on environmental matters.
  • BROEN A/S are committed to continual improvement and prevention of pollution.


We do this:

  • by continually improving our environmental skills
  • by endeavoring to reduce the environmental burdens and consumption of resources of the company by the implementation of the best technology available with due consideration to financially viable solutions.


BROEN A/S will through cooperation and by specifying conditions to sub suppliers ensure that products and services are supplied that agree with our environmental policy. 


BROEN A/S and BROEN BI will ensure that our staff members are familiar with BROEN’s environmental policy and through training and information motivate our staff members to live up to the policy.


At BROEN A/S the environmental policy must be administered in such a manner that environmental considerations are a natural part of everyday life.


Assens, September 2017



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