BROEN balls

District Energy

Rely on intelligent flow sectioning
BROEN BALLOMAX® has the largest product range in the industry. The valves are specially designed for district heating and cooling, ensuring optimum isolation of water and gas. The standard product range caters for every kind of coupling, in all sizes, and the pre-insulated range is designed for flow and return pipe systems.


Natural focus on reliability
We make a big effort to improve our products, continually focusing on the development of new solutions in close cooperation with our customers and partners. We know your world, and our insight and experience means we are a professional sparring partner during any project. You can be safe in the knowledge that you will get a reliable and long lasting result.


BROEN BALLOMAX®  is the leader - around the world
Use BROEN BALLOMAX® valves for optimum sectioning of a system and avoid having to shut down the system during service or when couplings are added. It saves time and money and gives the minimum disruption to users.

BROEN BALLOMAX® is the world’s leading ball valve and is widely available through a large network of subsidiaries and partners.